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Our Milky Way

Award winning Photographer, David Atkins (The Nocturnal Photographer), presents 12 minted images from the collection ‘Under the Milky Way’. Each image has a supply of 1 and is the only copy. Each image has been carefully selected for this collection and features beautiful and unique foreground compositions under the magnificent Milky Way core. Shot on location in various parts of Western Australia, David’s meticulous planning and creative inspiration combine to produce distinctive results of thought-provoking photography. Every image has resulted from new ideas of how to show off not only the incredible wonder of the milky way but also the magnificent landscapes we have on our planet. The challenges, the adventure and the feeling of peace and gratitude I feel when sitting under a sky of stars is, for me, unrivalled. Surprisingly few people have ever seen the Milky Way and so my main goal is to share and show off the diversity and wonder of what this world (and universe) has to offer.

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Oct 2021
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