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Original Weirdos

Here we list Our unique Original Weirdos, handmade artworks Edition: 1/1 Unique single ones Collection: 50 Unique handmade creations Prices: Floor Price: 3.33 ETH . These are the original ones, painted with waxes and acrylic markers, as were created. A mix of comic, brutalism, street art manifesto, drawn in crisis times. Will go listing gradually A collection from 3Magnas Kunst Kollektiv. Our weirdos are based in original hand made -nothing digital- monsters and weirds drawings made by Horacio Magnus. These contain a lot of sense, there is a story on each of them, with a message underneath their weird appearance. This original collection is available as 1/1 UNique NFTs, digitally signed and as Limited Edition Prints, all hand signed. The originals has been acquired to be part of a museum in Scandinavia

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Sep 2021
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