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Open Ethereum Sea

A collection of 228 artworks I created as a tribute to how I see the role of Ethereum in the crypto waves of the vast Opensea. Yes, they look similar to one another, but no two artworks here are exactly the same. These individual artworks are like frames that when completely sequence form an endless motion of art.

"Open Ethereum Sea" Motion NFT Reward -- In the near future when 50% of my collection is sold, 3 winning collectors will be given a 1 of 10 Edition NFT of the “Open Ethereum Sea” Motion Art (Same motion as the profile pic but in High Resolution as the Artwork). Minting of the Motion art will begin when 45% of the collection is now in the gallery of happy collectors. The other 3 Motion NFTs will be given to lucky collectors when 100% of artworks are now sold. The remaining edition of Motion NFT will be Given to lucky collectors Yearly or to be won through Auction.

All winning collectors will be announced on my Opensea, Discord, Artstation, Twitter, and Instagram page.

Jan 2022
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