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Photography and art have always been something in the family for many years. My great grandfather Alphonso Sylvester Lisk-Carew (1887–1969) was a photographer in Sierra Leone. He founded his business in 1905, and his brother Arthur Lisk-Carew was his assistant. They focused on photography materials and traded in stationery, toys, and fancy goods. They were great businessmen. My great grandparents made trips into Sierra Leone's interior and the Gambia in 1912. One of their most outstanding achievements was in 1910 when they were appointed photographers for the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn.

​I have decided to continue the journey of my great grandparents, so please join me as I explore the world and share my work.

It is not just a picture but an expression of art, a unique piece captured through my lens at the right time in the right place. I call this the perfect moment, my art which tells a story from the blue skies to the angry clouds, the smooth relaxing sea to the rough ocean,

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