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Old Master Paintings

Our collaboration with Fine Art Dealerships & Private Art Collectors makes it possible to start owning real-world assets and co-own exclusive collectibles of world's most famous masterpieces. By using fractional NFTs, hurdles can be bypassed by the average person.

All assets are real, authenticated, appraised by industry experts and stored in highly secured vaults. All paintings are available as fractional NFTs in digitized tokens, with the capability to buy all the fractions of an NFT to Unlock its Original version. Fractional NFTs spread the cost of asset ownership over a wide range of users, making it possible for a group of investors to own a piece of a larger asset.

Fractional ownership is the way forward to enhance the size of the market, help adoption and accessibility to a much wider audience to invest in assets more simply and in a much easier way. Reap the benefits of asset ownership while reducing the amount of upfront capital required, creating more inclusivity.

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