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Official Gary McKinnon

Hacking the Pentagon in search of UFO’s The Gary McKinnon Story: An NFT Collection In collaboration with Gary McKinnon &

Ownership benefits for buyers of the flagship #00001- #00007 Gary McKinnon NFT's include an exclusive highly sought-after, signed ( by Gary McKinnon ) framed real-world print of the static artwork used to create the animated listing. This authentic, reclaimable print collectable is only available to the NFT holders first owner and can only be redeemed by contacting our Studio '' with proof of the NFT ownership.

In order to make the Gary McKinnon NFT collection as inclusive and as accessible to as many people as possible – our Studio have also created a companion 7,770 Alien NFT’s depicting the fun adventures of our Off-World Friends. Please note these items #00008 - #07777 do not include any unlockable/reclaimable content.

Read about the project on our Blog at

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