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Odd Llama City

About this collection

ERC 721

The Odd Llama City is a 10,000 rare NFT collection where each character is uniquely personified to capture the essence of an individual’s oddity. These llamas refuse to compromise their authenticity for the sake of fitting in because in our city oddness is the most expensive currency. Paying homage to their ancestors, they won't just break norms they'll spit them into oblivion! They’re on a mission to let the world know that everybody is odd in their own way.

But there's more to our vision. We proudly present "Spit Water" – an all-natural spring water, untouched by chemicals, and brimming with minerals. With every llama sold, we are closer to making the world chemical-free, one llama at a time. Join us in redefining “normal”!

1% minted101 / 10,000
Over With The Normal Boundaries

The llamas invite you into a virtual world where the boundaries of reality are pushed aside. They want you to break away from the traditional representation of living and explore deep within OddiCity where we can exist in the most unconventional ways.

We crafted this haven from our aspiration to tear down the walls of "normality" and rebuild a world where oddness isn't just allowed, it's celebrated.

Be Part of The Odd Change!

By becoming part of the Odd Llama City, you're not just acquiring NFTs, you're embracing a mindset, a lifestyle, and a vision for a new future. With our “Spit Water” we're dedicated to extending our impact beyond the virtual realm of NFTs. We believe in the power of community, and the natural world. Together, we're forging a path towards a world free of chemicals, where the purity of our intentions mirrors the clarity of fresh spring waters. Let’s cleanse the world one drop at a time!

Embracing Our Odd Nature

The creation of the Odd Llama City was born out of a desire to challenge the world that often strives for conformity. The llamas were never meant to blend in, they were created to stand out as symbols of our odd nature, each one mirroring our peculiarities. We should all dare to be odd because that’s when we can reshape the world!

OLC Roadmap

We’re preparing for the next stages of our llamas’ journey. To make sure our mission is achieved world domination is our plan. The MOddified Llama City (MOLC) collection is in the works which will be followed by a multiplayer game. Also with our "Spit Water" we are making the world chemical-free. The future is in the Metaverse, so creating a Utopia city (OddiCity) is a must. We found our odd way to make it all possible!