Digital art of modern times, consisting of two main concepts: meaning and beauty. Works with bright colors and maximum detail and many small details that at first glance may seem insignificant, but after studying the work a little longer, you can see a certain message that touches on certain issues, morality, and sometimes global problems. More of my work can be found at the links: 對於來自中國的朋友: 現代數字藝術,由兩個主要概念組成:意義和美。 乍看之下,鮮豔的色彩和最大的細節以及許多細微的細節可能會顯得微不足道,但是在研究了一段時間之後,您會看到一條涉及某些問題,道德甚至是全球性問題的信息。 (來自Google的翻譯) 在鏈接中可以找到我的更多作品:

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