Nonfungible Punany

The HIP Team is excited about stepping into the Metaverse with special edition memorabilia from The Punany Poets and exclusive pieces from Jessica Holter's Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue Collection.

In support of our nonprofit organization, Holter Intellectual Property, Inc., and the Voices of Foster Care program, we offer, poetry, photos, visual art, music, video and, as soon as we figure out how... cute, custom, affordable clothing and accessories for your avatars. (#HelpWanted)

Every sale we make will bring us closer to a production start date on our historical oratorical for young people who are aging out, or have recently aged out of foster care. The completed docu-show will serve as a template for the world community to employ in their service to the growing community of disenfranchised young people.

Expect an emotionally rich tapestry of work from the poet and artist, Jessica Holter, who is also the founder of The Punany Poets and an adult foster child from Oakland.

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