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The Wilhelm Tell No Buehrle NFT: by Milo Rau

Slogan by famous painter Miriam Cahn. First NFT with Miriam Cahn.

Who does freedom belong to? Linked to this is the question of who owns the art?

If there's a guy who sells weapons to Nazis who use them to kill and persecute Jews, and he in turn appropriates their paintings, then there’s something so wrong in it, that you have to free this pictures from it’s modern “Zwing Uri”

But how to do? In develop it to something new, make a non-fungible token out of it, then sell the token - and use the money to support those who are persecuted and disenfranchised today.

The copy becomes the original - and the art is given back its soul, its aura, and ultimately its value. This is the idea of “No Bührle”.

This auction is non-profit: The proceeds will go to the Autonome Schule Zürich and to Sans-Papiers.

This art action is part of the production "William Tell" at the Schauspielhaus Zurich.

The NFTs has been created by the support of Metaroot.

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Apr 2022
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