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No hay planeta B

Football has the wonderful ability to connect millions of people of various ethnic origins, gender or social backgrounds. Off Pitch Vision wants to harness the power of this big community. By enabling sports enthusiasts to access, share, and exchange information we want to incentivize the sports world community to address pressing global challenges.

In this context we are glad to announce our NFT collection in collaboration with Cristian Casseres Jr. and the NGO Protect Paradise Venezuela (PPV). Casseres Jr. is a successful football professional who ties his boots for the Venezuelan National Team and the NY Red Bulls.

The volunteers regularly remove waste to clean the Venezuelan coastline. They remove up to half a ton of waste in a single clean-up initiative. PPV perfectly symbolizes the importance of collaboration in making our world a cleaner and better planet.

It’s time to finally wake up and take action, there is no planet B! Step by Step. Coast by Coast. Plastic by Plastic!


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