NFTSharpshooters Raffle Tickets

A raffle ticket for a raffle with the guarantee of winning a random NFTSharpshooter. 12 raffle tickets will be released in total. The price of a raffle ticket will be 10% lower than the current price of an NFTSharpshooter.

Once all 12 raffle tickets are purchased, the raffle will take place. After the raffle takes place, a random NFTSharpshooter will be delivered to the same address that you purchased the raffle ticket in.

NFTSharpshooters are 250 unique NFT collectible 8-bit gifs of basketball cards in a fictional basketball league of 30 teams and 7 players per team. Each NFTSharpshooter is individually made, vary by appearance, statistics and skill, and can only be owned by a single person.

NFTSharpshooters can also be commissioned and are customizable! You can become a Sharpshooter! The first purchase of every NFTSharpshooter includes an actual NBA card that will be sent to you!

Check out our OpenSea page for more information and our official social media for giveaways!

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