NFT + Original 35mm Negative + Archival Photographic Print

-5 new photographs will be released each week.

-This is a project that incorporates NFTs (Non-fungible token), 35mm Negatives, and a physical photographic archival prints.

-When you buy one of my NFTs from Open Sea you will then be given a code that verifies you are the owner. You can then send that code to me and I will contact and send you the 35mm negative and physical print of your NFT. (only the original purchaser of the NFT will receive the physical items)

-This body of work is one of a kind and will never be reprinted, sold, or reproduced by me.

-This project exists because I wanted to experiment with ideas of complete ownership of both digital and physical works of art.

-Please reach out if you have and questions, concerns, or want to work on NFT collaborations.

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