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NFSneakers.CX - Genesis

The NFSneakers.CX - Genesis is a collection of 77 unique and bespoke high-quality leather sneakers handmade in Austria - wearable IRL and in the metaverse. Every Genesis token holder can commission a custom pair of sneakers - editable in our 3D editor on www.NFSneakers.CX, including an imprint of an NFT owned by the holder. Our sneakers are shipped worldwide.

And because NFSneakers.CX is all about crafting excellence, you can add even more unique features in the production process. We call that 'legendary customization'. Individually developed with you and crafted by us. Costs and delivery time for your legendary NFSneakers.CX depend on your demands.

Why lucky 77? 7 - already customized and produced pre mint. 42 - open for sale. 7 - doxxed team and early supporters. 14 - collabs. 7 - marketing.

Your NFT. Your Sneakers. Unique. Bespoke. Non-Fungible. Like you.

Jun 2022
Creator earnings
  • Leather base: Legendary - baby blue