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Next Block

By using Procreate, Pixelmator Pro, and Machine Learning iH0DL harnessed the power of the new Apple M1 chip to generate QR Hashes, Dubbed "Next Block"

The machine learning tool utilized was provided by Apple and can be found through their developer portal. This model was trained over 100,000,000 times over the course of months starting December 2020 and finalized on February 27 2021, ready to start hashing QRs by number. Each Hash is generated algorithmically using random number generation, to determine traits and outcome of the QR Hash. It is also possible to use images and videos to generate QR Hashes, but it is still in beta testing. Each QR Hash is 100% Unique and there will never be two of the same Hash.

Rarity is determined by color which has nothing to do with the actual appearance of the QR Hash. This model was developed to pick color from the light spectrum using random number generation and color-name matching. Rarity cannot be predicted prior to making or minting.

Aug 2021
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