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negotiations with the abyss

“negotiations with the abyss,” is a story telling NFT if the story was huffing duster behind an abandoned Circuit City in Northern Indiana next to an orgy of alcoholic Auntie Anne’s pretzel artists and the NFT was a gravitron constructed out of fortified wine at the county fair by a man streaming hardcore pornography and claiming he was once crucified for our sins. it is a revolution against our inevitable insect state and a reckoning with the aimless onslaught of reheated bathwater streaming from agape bot holes over the shit stained luxury sock rammed into our slackened consumption crevice.

it douses the corpse of our perpetual transactional state in gasoline and rains burning flesh into the eyes of parasites and grifters and fiends eager for another prolapsed k-hole to devour.

our inbox functioning as the lifeless sex doll for bots to suck and fuck. our sanity providing the lubrication for their thrusting.

“negotiations with the abyss,” was created as a mechanism for destruct

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Jan 2023
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