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Mystical Mushrooms - Artist - Andrea Kimberley

As lover of trees and nature, Andrea seeks to live from a place of joy and unbridled curiosity. Like many of us, Covid really shook up her world in a delightful and uncomfortable way. She was a full-time artist for a few years with mural and teaching contracts before developing a severe allergy to all acrylic paint fumes. All contracts came to a halt at the perfect time for her to catch her breath and figure out the next right step. She learned permaculture practices, how to collect spring water, how to forage her food and trust her heart even when it doesn’t make logical or practical sense. After nearly a year, she had finally had a major break through with digital art and has brought her deep love of nature to the digital platform.

Mushrooms. Little aliens that emerge from seemingly nowhere, creating a web of mass interconnected communication totally defying expectations. Who would've thought that the fruiting bodies of the largest organism on earth would be so… strange and vibrant

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Jul 2021
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