Mutations of Corona Crypto (MoCC)

Mutations of Corona Crypto (MoCC) ist the first and original NFT pixel art for showing the growth of corona.

This unique collection shows the first 365 days from beginning of the Covid pandemic. The official first day: 31th of December 2019.

This collection will have 33 pixel art covid virus illustrations. It won't have more or less. Like the cryptopunks, there will be different looks, backgrounds and important impacts of the pandemic. If something happened in case of Covid, you can and will find it in this collection.

The first 10 MoCC will have a lower starter price and all of them the same. So the collectors and fans of the first hours have the chance, to increase the price of the first illustrations, when the collection grows.

They will be unlocked in steps of 10. Every time the current 10 MoCC‘s are sold, the next will be unlocked.

Enjoy the pixel art and be part of the next hype.


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