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Mutant American Warriors

Mutant American Warriors The Mutant American Warriors Chased There Enemy Onto The Blockchain After The Apocalypse Happened. They Set Up There Home And Are Ready To Carry On Their Battle With The Mutant Japanese Warriors! The Mutant American Warriors Collection Has 1000 Warriors Living On The Block Chain. The Collection Has Different Rarity Within The Project: 25% Common Least Rare 25% Epic More Rare Than Common 25% Legendary More Rare Than Epic 25% Rare The Rarest Of The Collection Learn About The "Mutant American Warriors"! The Warriors Live In The Age Of The Apocalypse! They Survived The Nuclear Fall Out With Their Knowledge And Survival Skills. They Moved From Their Native Land On To The Block Chain Following Their Enemy The Mutant Japanese Warriors! They Will Do Their Best To Conquer And Over Take Their Enemy!

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May 2022
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