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Mumzelhunt Special Editions

Once upon a time, in the world of the Mumzels, there lived a tribe of mischievous and playful creatures who loved to explore and collect new things. They had heard rumors of a new collection being created in the human world, called the Mumzel Hunt Special Editions, and they were eager to see what it was all about.

One night, a group of Mumzels snuck into the human world and discovered the collection. They were amazed by the beautiful drawings of their fellow Mumzels, and they were overjoyed to learn that humans could now own a piece of their magical world.

However, the Mumzels soon realized that the special editions were not easily attainable. They could only be obtained through purchasing Mumzels from the other 5 Mumzel Hunt collections, participating in special events and giveaways, or by being lucky enough to catch them during their travels.

The Mumzels were determined to share the joy of the special editions with their human friends, so they started visiting human homes and play

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Feb 2023
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