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About this collection

ERC 721

Step into the fashion world with the "MOTS D'AMOUR Epic Edition", a creation of ELLE & My Neighbor Alice, embodying the perfect fusion of both brands' signatures & styles. This collection of 4 uniquely designed NFTs brings a blend of boldness, chicness, and flair to your in-game avatar.

The Epic Edition consists of 200 NFTs, divided evenly across 4 types: skirts, pants, sweaters, and t-shirts. Each purchase randomly assigns you one of these stylish assets, making every buy a thrilling surprise!

As an Epic Edition owner, you also get a chance to win an additional ELLE-branded Placeable. Curious about what you could win? Scroll down to glimpse the exciting placeables that could enhance your virtual living space!

Remember, the Mots d'Amour Collection is vast and diverse. To explore the full range of assets, check out our Medium article. The world of My Neighbor Alice is waiting for your fashionable touch!

15.5% minted31 / 200
4 unique NFTs

The "MOTS D'AMOUR Epic Edition" is a treasure trove of style, offering four unique NFT assets. Each represents the fusion of ELLE's chic design and My Neighbor Alice's playful charm. Each asset is crafted to enhance your in-game style and persona, be it the patterned skirt, the dual love t-shirt, or two other surprise pieces. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this limited collection!

3 unique furniture

The "MOTS D'AMOUR Epic Edition" isn't just about fashion - it's also your ticket to the exclusive world of ELLE furniture. Each NFT gives you a 30% chance to win one of three stunning pieces: a fashionable sofa, a stylish seat, or a chic lamp. Step up your virtual home aesthetics with our NFTs and add a touch of ELLE to your in-game living space!