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Moss Vibes Duck It Series

Moss Vibes NFT will be a variety collection of series from the artist Miss Moss Vibes. She is the owner and creator behind the scenes and is connecting you to a love of art and nature biophilically. Her passion and love are in each piece. All are created from her work with moss. She has created this NFT space with purpose to build more bridges and connect more communities together into a space for well being and connection. More to come as this space evolves with your love and support. 💚 She has created the “Duck It” series with intentions to build out the bigger visions and platform she wants to be a voice in as a woman, as a mom, as a wife, as herself, as a mental health awareness advocate/survivor and a creator developing more tools in others toolboxes to grow and learn more about themselves. She will share this story in greater details as she evolves in this space. These words are shared from a genuine vision to be a positive ripple effect as many places and spaces as she can be!

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Jan 2022
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