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Mo Ganji - Mammals

Mammals is the first of several NFT collections by Mo Ganji, a Berlin based artist globally renowned for his single line creations. The collection comprises of 555 hand drawn artworks honoring his artistic philosophy: "simple does it".

NFTs and crypto-art present him with an opportunity to use his talents to make a positive impact. Now he can combine his favorite activity with something that is very close to his heart - sketching around and animal welfare. Despite his efforts probably just being a drop of grace into an ocean of pain and injustice, he decided to go at it - one drop at a time.

Join him and a community of likeminded people and let’s try to make a difference. There are dedicated charity tokens that will benefit one of six hand picked organizations directly. Upon sellout of the entire collection another 15% of the total sales revenue will be donated evenly between all organizations. Find Treasure Chest and more info here:

Every sale helps!


355 items