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JWyckoff-Doodle Series

Featured artist: Jill Wyckoff

Location: CA. US

Doodle Series is the first embarkment into the NFT world for Jill. By exchanging deliberation for imagination, she is able to let the spirit of creativity dictate the inevitable outcome of what always was. This collection depicts aspects of dream-like fluidity, inside a modern take of multimedia. Each piece portrays a marriage of Jill's original finger paintings and doodles, paired with graphic elements, to create a vivid abstraction that incites thought and evokes wonder.

This is a limited series of 775 unique NFTs, never to be minted again.

1-200 LV 1 (.006 - .016 ETH)

201-715 LV 2 (.016 ETH and up)

716-775 LV 3 (.1 ETH and up)

For being a part of the MojoModifica Gallery, this series will be the first of many to incorporate the "Mogul" property. More information on this can be found on the NFT's themselves. This is a game changer.
"Mogul" Award can be claimed and verified via the @MojoModifica Twitter or Instagram account.


144 items