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Miss Tagine NFT - Original Series

Miss Tagine is a conceptual ethnic-NFT based project that blends a trendy digital-art style with a spice of primitivism, pseudo-naïve art, or faux naïve art approach.

This project focuses on the famous cooking object called "Tagine," used in Morocco and other North African countries. This shallow earthen pot adds intrinsic importance to the cultural and gastronomic layer of life of millions of Moroccans that eat tagine daily.

Tagine is an essential dish in Amazigh, Arab, and Jewish Sephardi cuisine, and it's already mentioned in the 9th-century famous Arabic-language story collection, One Thousand and One Nights.

Miss Tagine is a tribute to all the Moroccan women who prepare tagine daily and maintain this cuisine tradition pegged to their personal touch and unique ancient family recipes.

This NFT collection was created, designed, and delivered by the visual artist João Leitão thru his Nomad Revelations™ NFT project.

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Jan 2022
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