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Misery Men

Misery Men is a collection of uniquely despondent artworks about the comedy and suffering of human existence. The genesis of each hand-drawn piece is a single structural stroke balanced with an opposite tear, like a slip in a puddle followed by a slap in the face. Amateur doodling then imparts unique character to every work.

A Misery Man is stubbing your toe in the dark; losing your family in a gangland hit; falling for a scam on Telegram; your ex on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek after you spent years helping them with their startup without pay but deleted the relevant emails during a turbulent breakup you barely remember; forgetting your grandmother’s face; catching yourself humming along to Coldplay; an iPhone dying after AppleCare+ expires; a tin of anchovies that sends olive oil all over the bed when opened; being sad enough that you eat anchovies in bed some afternoons…

Whatever your pain, they can be your face to the world.

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Nov 2021
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  • Origin: Parody