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Mirage Gallery Memberships

Mirage Gallery Memberships will allow for bonus perks related to Mirage Gallery Curated ( and other Mirage Gallery projects.

For MG Curated: these membership tokens will allow all holders to have early access to Curated minting, automatic entry in giveaways, surprise airdrops, and Sentient members will even get to claim 1 free piece from every Curated drop at any point in time!

No more memberships will be minted.

Perks for the Alejandro & Taylor collection (

  • 2 artworks will be given away to members (none have ever been randomly given away)

  • 10% or 25% money back on the sales (based on membership tier owned)

The best way to stay up to date is to follow @miragegalleryai on Twitter and join the Mirage Gallery Discord!

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