Milfa7 - NFT Logo Collection

Milfa7 is an artist from Paris in France, producer, composer, author, musician and performer.

The pseudonym “Milfa7” is absolutely unpronounceable and completely incomprehensible to the English public.

It's a play on words in French, where the "7" cannot be dissociated from the "Milfa" to create the sentence: “Mille facettes” which means in English: “A thousand facets”.

Youness El Guermaï, whose real name is, born 1973 in Marrakech Morocco, and living in Paris, France since 1983, is therefore the artist with a thousand facets. And here are its different official logos to buy in NFT.

A lot of my work is on my website :

Invest in an infinite creative artist. Invest in me!

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