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MetaMen Neo

Welcome To The MetaVS

MetaMen Neo, are cyborg soldiers in 1 of 2 of the factions that fight for control of the planet NeoRen in our MMO RPG Play-To-Earn game - MetaVS (See our website for more details)

NFT Trading War Game:

The 2 factions - Neo and Ren ( compete against each other each month in a Trading War - the team with the highest transaction rate for the month wins ETH which will be airdropped directly to their wallets.

For the first month, the winnings will be 50% of the NFT minting revenue (250 ETH) - this means for anyone who mints a MetaMen NFT will have a 50% chance of winning 0.05 ETH per NFT they own if their faction wins the Trading War.

Moving forward the winnings will be 50% of all royalties generated by both NFT collections each month. The idea is simple - the higher the transaction rate the more royalties, the more royalties the higher the payout the winning team will receive thus the higher the value of each NFT.

Jan 2022
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