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MetaDuet EA NFT


About this collection

ERC 721

MetaDuet DAO is an unprecedented project of internet revolution where billions of tangible audience can be on-boarded. In the beginning, we are not as resourceful as those intermediary platforms who are dominating the web2 internet but we will eventually be strong enough to make web3 the reality, with people who join us.

In the early adopter program, we are onboarding members with technologies and products agnostic to the mobile operators to bootstrap the ecosystem. The program starts with a custom NFT called the MetaDuet NFT.

The MetaDuet NFT is the MetaDuet DAO membership token for early adaptor. Purchase of the MetaDuet NFT grants membership to the MetaDuet DAO and additional privileges, including:

The ETID tokens will be distributed to members in an attenuation program based on the order of activation of their PoSIM SBT. Therefore, in order to ensure fair access to the airdrop and ensure availability of the hardware is not a factor, the physical hardware will be produced and delivered in volume and distribution will be based on the volume of MetaDuet NFT.

<0.1% minted1 / 10,000
MetaDuet Initial Product Offering will empower the Early Adopters with:

A removable standard GSMA eSIM for connecting to world wide mobile operator services with hardware wallet


A thin film SIM hardware wallet for claiming your PoSIM SoulBound NFTs for joining MetaDuet DAO community


Airdrop for ETID token

SIM Connected Bound Token

By hashing the data within the SIM, the PoSIM protocol creates unique identifiers to be used as IDs and identifies live mobile devices used by real people; additionally, the SIMask will use Merkle proofs to separate different distributors; in the future, distributors may implement additional KYC, and the Merkle proofs can be used to indicate the distributors with such KYC without revealing any user data.

How to get SIM Connected Bound Token

After installing the SIMask & MetaDuet APP, please refer to the video to obtain your SIM Connected Bound Token.