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Meowgic The Cattering - The Very First Edition

The Kittehs of the Meowgic universe have united around Fluffles, the Legendary Walker of Planes to do glorious battle in the name of kitten-kind. This original Meowgic the Cattering - Walker of Planes deck contains 62 unique and playful Meowgic cards ready for battle in any magical gathering of trading card games that you and your friends might have. Original illustrations and silly sentences await as you pit the nine lives and murderous tendencies of your feline friends against the ogres, goblins, and what have you of your by-the-official-book trading card game competitors! While anyone can buy a printed deck at, only one person can own each of these original NFT cards.

Meowgic the Cattering card decks are parody decks allowing people to play in the broader trading cards games of a similar name with silly and fun characters.

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Feb 2022
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