*Only 118 Atomic MentalPunks will be minted!

#MentalPunks mission is to tokenize the Periodic Table of Elements within the Ethereum Blockchain. A preservation of Science through #Cryptoart

#MentalPunks are #Cryptographic miners who explore the #Metaverse culture seeking freelance intellect. *Empowered by Atomic elements, engineered by #TechMental. *MentalPunks was influenced by the Unofficial Punks™ movement in honor of #CryptoPunks . *⚠️This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs.

Through contributions from this project the entire Periodic Table of Elements can displayed through projectors, digital art frames and LCDs in schools and museums throughout South Florida, USA. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of artists, coders, scientists and blockchain advocates - through educational Cryptographic NFT visuals.