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Mems: Mingle

About this collection

ERC 721

Introducing Mingle by Mems. An open-ended art experience exploring the infectious idea of shared memories.

Each piece is unique; containing a spread of scattered characters and scenes. The location, quantity, and color palette of each "Mingle" is randomly generated with all hand-drawn assets.

Romancing abroad, dancing at home, celebrating at the lake. Occasions we know so well, dispersed onchain forever, for everyone to experience. Will you be collecting Mingle pieces personal to you and your past experiences or holding new ones in hopes of turning those to reality?

The past, present, and future are in love once again.

For Today

All pieces, we hope, will resonate with people differently. A collection building upon the infinite array of moments that make up this thing called life.

For Tomorrow

Scenes that echo specific memories of past, or ones planned to share in the future. All outputs crafted to be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious in palette.

Mint A Memory

Mingle (Verb): to bring or mix together or with something else usually without fundamental loss of identity. Until we mint again, onwards.