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Memento Mori 100 skulls by Tim Fowler

In 2018 Tim Fowler put together a week long performance exhibition at the LCB Depot Gallery space. He started out with 100 blank canvases in a 25 x 4 grid. Over the next few days he worked day and night to paint 100 skull paintings. This was a live event so the public could come in whenever he was there and watch him paint and ask any questions. It was not possible for anyone to pre buy, reserve or buy more than 4 paintings each. On day 7 at 5pm then went on sale on a first come first serve basis. The entire collection sold out in less than 2 hours.

As well as his on going interest in the concept of memento mori, which is Latin for remember the dead, Tim took this challenge to see if he could complete this task in such a short period of time with the added pressure of people observing him.

He has now created a new series of 100 skulls exclusively for the NFT platform.

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Mar 2021
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