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Melrakki, the Arctic fox

A collection for Arctic fox conservation. Melrakki is the Icelandic name of the Arctic fox, the only native terrestrial mammal surviving in Iceland since the last glaciation. On top of facing global warming, growing human use of their territory and pollution of their food sources (ocean and seabirds), the foxes are still considered pests by law and heavily hunted across the country. Phil Garcia has been studying and photographing the Arctic fox for 10 years. The Melrakki collection features 15 of his best images in 1/1 edition (plus physical extras with every NFT: 40x60cm signed print and a book). The full profits of this NFT collection will be used in actions aimed at raising people's awareness on the unsustainable fox situation. A book will be published and distributed to all schools and libraries all over the country. It's part of a global fight to push the government to reconsider the hunting of Arctic foxes and help setting up efficient conservation plans.

Nov 2021
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