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Meditations In Color (Polygon)

My "Meditations" collection is a series of unique, mandala-like patterns.

Each piece features the pattern being created, frame-by-frame - growing from nothing to a colorful design with a background of stars then subsiding again into nothingness.

I wrote custom code to generate the colorful patterns. Once a pattern is rendered, I manually adjust the tempo and flow of the animation for each piece before adding it to the collection.

There will be 100 to 1000 pieces in this collection & pieces will contain variations in:

  • Color: from soothing combinations of adjacent colors, to joyful "rainbow" effects
  • Number of "spokes"
  • Pattern fill placement & density
  • Pattern fill type: edges, curves, mixed
  • Background star size, quantity, position
  • Duration and tempo

I've invested a lot of time in these, but I want them to be accessible, so I am listing them on Polygon with a low floor for 1/1s 🧡.

I hope you can lose yourself in the flow 💜.

Nov 2021
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