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Creator of the project A Napkin to Paint (USPP) #servilletasolidaria Una Servilleta Para Pintar is an art project; its momentum born of creativity, enthusiasm and the convening power of contemporary art, in order to dissolve the loneliness and despair. The Artnobel team was inspired by the work and life of the artist Máxima Romero(Barcelona 1972); tireless traveler in search of knowledge, from 15 years of age, soon discovers the cloth napkins, a great ally as support for his work and as an object that represents the home and family. Romero provides the first #servilletasolidaria and is the official curator of the project. In a cloth napkin, 50 x 50 centimeters, artists from different disciplines, countries and generations, both of national and international prestige, as young promises, freely express their creative vision of today’s society. Donate their works of art, uniques and exceptional, the project Una Servilleta Para Pintar which has a godmothe

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