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Mature Horizon By OEArt

Mature Horizon is a generative digital art collection by Ofill-Echevarria Art. The collection features digitally created unique images based on the artwork, "Mature”: an oil on canvas made in 2014.

The collection contains emotionally distinctive non-fungible tokens, with the exception that its first 3 numbers are identical to the original picture, but also unique as their color range varies.

Also, even though Mature Horizon features digitally created items, when you purchase a Mature Horizon NFT, you could actually own the digital asset you purchased in high resolution, which is no larger than 2100 square pixels, or 7 x 7 inches.

Additionally, as an appreciation from OEArt when you purchase a Mature Horizon NFT, kindly contact us to request your Certificate Of Appreciation printed on metal, with records of your token ID, its Blockchain address and the artist's signature, on the back of the piece.

More information on the collection at:

May 2022
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