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Marin Marireis Genesis Collection

We're 2 little sisters, Marin 12 years old and Marireis, 10. We both like drawing a lot and we hope many kids will also enjoy doing arts. All of the arts are authentically hand-drawn by the two of us and remain in the original hand-drawn form. There are total of 221 NFTs minted.

For the first time ever, with NFTs, kids can spend time for arts and start entrepreneurship at an early age. The mission of this project is not only to encourage parents for their kids to pursue arts in drawing, painting, crafts, music, dancing and so on, but also to be able to build a community to help the parents. We believe, with the community, we'll be able to help with education and also, a platform for our collectors to helping each other.

Each collector gets to be part of the Marin Marireis Entrepreneur, Art & NFT (EAN) Club which has a lot future perks and you'll also have personal commercial rights to do whatever you want with your specific Marin Marireis NFT image, without re-producing it as NFTs.

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Jan 2022
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