March 2 Infinity - Stones

Unique art collectibles from the art series - 'March To Infinity' - regarding humanities quest into transhumanism.

The holy stones of forbidden wisdom contain the long seeked knowledge for humankind to transcend into god status by modifying and enhancing there bodies and souls. Many departed on long journeys into the barren lands looking for them ... phew succeed in finding them, let alone use them.

Will you take part in this journey ? Collect the different stones and find their powers. Who knows what you might unravel ?

Art series with limited collectibles - standard x50 / rare x10 / unique x1.

Original created art by - Sedas - drawings using charcoal, pencils and acrylics. Digitized (and possibly reworked) for online eternity. By purchasing this item you will become the owner of a unique artwork created by Sedas and you become a member of our art collectors family. Furthermore you support an independent artist and his art career.

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