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Marakame OE

About this collection

ERC 721

Welcome to Marakame NFT Open Edition. Our mission is to spread and preserve indigenous cultures worldwide. This time, we are focusing on the Wixárika indigenous community, also known as Huicholes.

This OE NFT is part of the Marakame NFT ecosystem’s strategy to fulfill our duty of assisting the magical Wixárika family. It will enable us to raise funds for the construction of a new entry port for the Harakuna (La Laguna) Wixárica Indigenous Community.

Located in the heart of the largest chain of Mexican mountains, known as “La Sierra Madre Occidental,” Harakuna is one of the many Wixarika communities that still safeguard the ancient wisdom passed down by their ancestors. This wisdom has fostered a deep connection between them and life and nature.

Helping one another is a way to progress as a team, society, and world. Everyone requires assistance at times, and you can be the person to provide it. Be the blessing that others need.

Let’s create change together!

Wixarika Lifestyle

Wixarika lifestyle is deeply rooted in indigenous traditions and spiritual beliefs. This indigenous community inhabits the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range in Mexico. The Wixarika people have a strong connection with nature and consider themselves caretakers of the land. Their lifestyle revolves around agriculture, hunting, and gathering, as they rely on the resources provided by their environment for sustenance. They practice a unique form of shamanism, where rituals involving the use of peyote, a sacred cactus they use for their spiritual ceremonies. The Wixarika lifestyle emphasizes community solidarity, maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature, and preserving their cultural heritage.

Marakame NFT team

Meet our wonderful team, Marakamenft is composed of a highly professional team committed to the success of this project! We are here to demonstrate our legitimacy and dedication to what we do!