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The breathtaking beauty of the Mandelbrot Set - (new mathematical art NFT game coming soon - 1000 free to MandelNFT holders)

To unlock the full 16MP image and also the exact Mandelbrot coordinates of your NFT, you must buy and have it in your wallet. This collection has Zoom Depth from 0 to 13, which refers to a magnification of approximately 10 to the power of the Zoom Depth. Regarding traits and attributes, higher Zoom Depths usually take longer to render and higher File Sizes can indicate higher visual complexity.

You can now zoom within the vicinity (0.001 units any direction) of our NFTs in realtime to try to find it. You must own it to know the exact coordinates as we list them only approximately to the nearest 0.001 units.

eg. if you owned NFT#446 you would be able to zoom straight into it: Fractal Zoomer

Aug 2021
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