Mad Monk Music

Mad Monk Music is an NFT music collection with original music on the blockchain.

The collection is minted on OpenSea. The music files are IPFS pinned through Pinata. Certain tracks will have the cover art as a bonus NFT.

Most of the files are envisaged to be single edition for the collector for personal and/or commerical use.

In the Mad Monk Music Collection, pieces are minted with "full copyright" NFTs. In addition to standard viewing and resale rights, the collector holds full commercial rights which are transferable and non-expiring. Selling the music NFT to a new collector ensures the transfer.

The creator can use the music for his artistic and/or commercial purposes for the duration of his life. Royalties to the creator wallet survive.

Artwork associated with music is sold / gifted to the primary collector who is free to keep or resell it.

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