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LOVE Tennis Art Project by Martin Grasser

A collaboration between the ATP Tour, Art Blocks Engine and Martin Grasser, LOVE is a collection of unique digital artworks that uses in-match sports data to celebrate impactful moments from the 2022 Nitto ATP Finals in Turin, Italy.

Our algorithm is built on the idea that there is beauty in the very rules of the game. And one of those rules is the court, a highly regulated environment that is essentially a handful of rectangles and lines. Add a ball—a circle, really—and the formula is complete. What we have is not just a record of incredible skill and sportsmanship, but art, as it were, ready-made.

Wherever the ball lands, we mark it. Underneath each ball is a shadow-like ellipse that indicates the direction and speed of each shot. We add color ensuring that each composition reveals at least one line and two fields of color. Then, with data generated by the ATP, we curate 300 of the most impactful moments from the Finals, from the fastest serve to the championship winning shot.

Dec 2022
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