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Theme and Variations / Love in

I am fascinated to make my dive into the new reality. I thought my first set 'Love in... / Theme and Variations' would be a limited edition of only 24 items, unique and one of a kind multimedia art. But now I think that this is the incredible opportunity to study the limit of color, which I think is unlimited. I want to share this search for the color and will try to prove that it is unlimited. I am pretty excited about it! This set is based on my original acrylic painting "Love in Orange / Gift of Joy". The idea of the painting was to remind people that, as humans, we were entitled to joy, love, dream, and hope, even during the weird times. The multimedia variations will explore this theme deeper. I want people to be happy and enjoy their lives. This is my gift of joy, love, dream, and hope. Original art is also available, please visit my website for more information. Please join me in my journey of the heart to find love and happiness.

Feb 2022
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