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Loot Places (for Adventurers)

Metaverse Loot Places (for Adventurers). These tokens let you claim ownership of web based metaverse places AND they define individual properties for these places. Visit, click claim, enter a 0.005 ETH nominal charge into payableAmount, and a tokenId.

For the Metaverse to have a spatial dimension it needs places. The Web already has uncounted places visited by billions each day. The Web is a significant part of the Metaverse where people live and meet. These NFTs configure already existing places on web pages with individual properties.

You can meet people on web pages. You'll be able to walk with your Ape, Punk or other PFP in the infinite garden and meet with the community. You will be recognized as the rightful owner of your original NFTs and you can trade them directly. You might even battle for ownership of websites and your Loot Places NFT will set the stage.

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Sep 2021
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