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Look I Did This

200 generative images in the style of a child, all images will be frozen.

Version 1 Possible Assets (variable position and size):

SKY TYPE: Dark (grey), Day (light blue), Evening (dark blue), Sunset (orange)

SKY OBJECTS: Blue Moon (smile), Half Moon, Cool Sun (with shades), Small Sun (rays), Smiling Sun (rays), Shocked Sun (open mouth), Baby Sun (small face), Glaring Sun (rays), Stars

ANIMALS: Dog, Puppy, Dog and Puppy, Cat, Kitten, Cat and Kitten, Fox, Fox Cub, Fox and Cub, Pig, Piglet, Pig and Piglet, Sheep, Lamb, Sheep and Lamb

FOLIAGE: Leafy Tree, 2 x Leafy Tree, Apple Tree, 2 x Apple Tree, Large Flower (red petals), Red Roses (long stems), Red Tulips (short), Daffodils (yellow), Daffodils (orange), Shrub, Shrub (yellow flowers)

GROUND TYPE: Grass (green), Concrete (grey), Mud (brown)

Ground Objects: Cottage (blue curtains, trailing foliage), Caravan/Trailer, House (red roof), Pond (duck), Pond (duck family), Tower Block (black roof), Sweet Shop

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Feb 2022
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