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London Editions Pt 1

The London Edition is a collection of five pieces comprising my first edition series. Each shot is made up of 12 editions. Each collector who buys all 5 editions will unlock a 6th piece.

These five shots encapsulate the way I see the city. I feel the best stories don’t reveal all. I like to leave some room for interpretation, after all we all perceive differently. And in an era where almost every aspect of our lives are overexposed through social media I like to maintain some mystery.

"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist" Rene Magritte

This collection is the culmination of years walking the streets of London from dusk till dawn, come rain or shine, in pursuit of decisive moments.

Urban life can make anyone feel anonymous at times. I focus on everyday people, in everyday situations who are so often passed by unnoticed. They all have individual stories while at the same time being connected and intertwined through living in the same city.

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Jun 2022
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