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Login to HELL: Final EDITION

This NFT is being offered for pre-order, providing early access to a unique NFT copy of the book "Login to HELL: Final Edition". A total of 100 unique NFT copies of the book will be generated, with 95 of them available to everyone, and 5 reserved for undisclosed usage. In addition to the NFT copy of the book, purchasers of this token will also receive a physical paperback edition of the book that includes their name or chosen nickname in the credits, an exclusive NFT from the HACKERZ DAO project, an audio book version of the book, an electronic version of the book, and exclusive NFT artwork, music, and other multimedia content related to the book. Moreover, buyers will receive an electronic version of the first edition of the book published in 2020, in English. In the event of a future documentary, movie, or TV series based on the book, the purchaser of this token will own the equivalent of 0.01% of the profits generated from them.

Nov 2022
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