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Intellectual Property Tokens for Press Pass: Season 1

Intellectual Property Tokens!

Each edition of each token in this collection is assigned exactly 0.00001883537% ownership of the distributed intellectual property asset defined and limited to Press Pass (Season 1). This ownership is assigned directly to the token hash through the deed to the described asset, as written and certified by the creator.

Season 1 is further defined as the first 24 episodes (approx. 30 min) of the mockumentary-style workplace sitcom contained in the intellectual property franchise titled "Press Pass." ••• “Press Pass'' follows personalities in a sports media circuit surrounding the only professional team in the city. •••

Audience-exclusive tokens: V1 - #Lensface-style bookend meme (530,000 editions) V2 - Meme featuring OG #Lensface (916 editions)

Platform-exclusive tokens: V3 - Bloopers • Internal rights management system for org-wide residuals (4,778,244 editions) ••• Benchmarks: 10,000 V1/V2 tokens - Co-Producer. 53,091 V1/V2 tokens - Executive Producer.


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